Friday, February 28, 2014

Fire Relief Distribution

When I went to visit Losilang with Florence, I sat and visited with some of the mothers. One was the sister to a brand new mom, the day the fire came she was giving birth in the health center. She came back to her village only to find that her house had been burned to the ground and she had no place to lay her newborn. 

Another lady, before I was leaving, came up to me and began to lay out her arms, ensuring I saw all the children before me; saying, "I don't know if these ones will be able to live, all our food has burned." 

Another mom, she stood in the ash where her house used to lay, listing off everything they lost. 

These are just some of many stories of the fire victims. 

But I am so overjoyed, as is my team, by YOUR generous donations! It had not even been a week that we put the request out to all of you, and the flood of donations poured in. We received more support than we could have imagined, and it is all thanks to you! 

Our deepest gratitude for helping us help our neighbors! Here are some pictures from the distribution! 

Thank you so much, my friends. 

What an awesome God we serve. :) Many blessings to you all! 

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