Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Preparation Time

Well, here I am again. Way behind on posting another blog, updating whatever readers out there on the happenings in Karamoja.

This past month seems that it has flown by. Shoot, this past year seems it has flown by. I once was told, or maybe I read it somewhere... that when you're 10, your life travels at 10 miles per hour... but when you're 20 it seems to double, until life passes you by and you just can't keep up. 23 miles isn't too fast, but sometimes I feel like the cruise control is set and I can't brake when I want to.

This past month has been a whirlwind. The Williams family packed up the house and traveled down south as they wait for the adoptions to finalize and then head back to America. Camille, my hutmate ventured down with them and boards a plane tomorrow to her next adventure. I moved out of the village, away from the snakes and the quiet and into the noisy city of Kotido. My cat and monkey both had to be put down, which was not my most exciting moment here. And now I'm hanging out in Kotido, planning logistics for when I go home for a "furlough" and working on the budget and next steps for when I return in August.

My apologies for being silent my friends! Life has just been a lot of day in and day out preparation work. Florence has been doing great, she is getting ready to deliver her seventh child any day now, and my prayer is that I will be able to be in the village when she does. She is still leading the Moses Project women in bible study and being a faithful steward with the hearts the Lord has entrusted her with. All of our babies in the Moses Project seem to be continuing in great health! We are preparing to graduate three of our one-year-old's, and I am working on a plan to make sure they will have enough milk and porridge for while I am away in America. So slowly by slowly, as they say here, things are coming together!

Please be in prayer for my team during this time. Transition is not fun generally and each of us are facing new obstacles (and with it, new blessings of course) that we did not expect.

Pray for Kenneth and Kristi that their adoptions can be finalized and completed so they can leave the country quickly and safely before Kristi can't travel due to her pregnancy.

Pray for Camille as she reintegrates back into America and seeks what adventure the Lord has next for her!

Pray for Andrew and Kerri, as we continue in the work the Lord has us doing here in Karamoja. Pray for strength, JOY, and perseverance as we all adjust to these new changes.

Pray for the Spencers (Jeremy and Katie) as they prepare to move to Karamoja in October and join our team, along with my new roommate Eileen.

And finally, please be praying for me as I get ready to return home. I am trying to split my time up and down the west coast - making sure I get to visit everyone and say hello (and goodbye) once again. I will be in the US May 28-August 26! In addition to seeing everyone, I will need to raise $2,000 for start up funds as I return to Uganda... I know, you're probably wondering what start up funds does she need when she's already been there so many times? Well, I will no longer be living with a family and will have to get my own house supplies, along with coming back in under an organization (rather than independently like I have been) brings added expenses as well. No doubt in my mind that the Good Lord will provide, but please join me in prayer!

I wish I could update you on more happenings, but hopefully I can in person over a wonderful cup of coffee with you! See you soon my friends!

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